Our Approach


Over the years Merx has been engaged in various Social Responsibility initiatives within the communities we work in. We have had a long association with Ammado  to donate a portion of our revenue to charity each year. Merx is also focused on ensuring we contribute to the local communities we work in by making contributions to charities especially for those relevant to our industry.


Greenmark & LEED

To combat excessive use of energy during both the construction and operations phases of a project/building lifecycle countries around the world have introduced Green mandates.

Merx has run projects across Asia and the Middle East that have secured LEED Gold, Greenmark Platinum and Nabers certifications. Merx has in depth experience and know-how of running sustainability accreditations within the projects we deliver for our clients.

Paperless projects

The construction industry is evolving from a “paper heavy” industry to an industry which operates primarily “online” with software to house and distribute information that has a diminishing requirement to be printed into hard copy. Merx is continually pushing for “paperless projects”