Facilities Management

The Merx project management office is in the business of managing the creation of new assets for clients – whether it is a new corporate office, a new manufacturing or food production facility or a chain of retail stores, our project management team will definitely make it happen and ensure projects are delivered.

In doing so Merx gains an invaluable knowledge of our clients’ new asset and the supply chain associated with its creation. Merx is therefore in the best position to provide the framework for a client to establish its maintenance systems and protection of all the new “parts”.

By establishing a maintenance system to protect its real estate a client can:

  • Maintain a high Net Present Value (NPV) of its new assets
  • Forecast and control an accurate maintenance spend per annum
  • Introduce a savings structure and cost reduction targets
  • Introduce “sustainability” measures to reduce waste, power usage and operational expense
  • Reduce time of operations staff on maintenance related activities

Merx offers an array of options to clients to set up their maintenance systems, depending on the clients’ operations and facilities department’s capabilities. The Merx team has experience in managing the implementation of proprietary “CMMS” & “BMS” systems as well as being able to customise systems to suit a client’s required level of detail, geographical locations and asset type. We can provide full time “seconded” facilities managers or a remote system with monthly/quarterly reviews depending on the size, nature and value of the operations.