Industrial projects are often managed and delivered by companies without the engagement of an external outsourced professional project manager. In addition the project management functions have traditionally been left to civil engineering firms or managed in-house by a client’s operations or engineering teams.

The Merx project management office has successfully delivered project, construction and cost management services on various industrial projects including food refining plants, large logistics facilities, government renewal initiatives and urban planning pilots by augmenting the existing internal operations department’s skills. Our professional services enable our clients to continue to focus on their day-to-day roles, and also allow them to provide key briefing, direction and internal approvals throughout the project. Our clients have been specifically in need of skills relating to:

  • Formulation of structured project cost plans and reporting against base costs
  • Strict management of a closed and competitive tender process
  • Identifying design “pinch points” on projects and assessing design vs operations issues
  • Prioritising a project’s delivery to tie in with “must have” dates relating to changeover of operations between new and old facilities
  • Assessing “lease vs. buy” options and “life cycle vs. project” costs
  • Understanding government approval processes relating to Building Codes, Fire Codes, Environmental Codes and specialist codes relating to food, oil and gas and other larges industries
  • Construction management of projects to obtain best possible project structure