Projects – Landing Page

Merx has completed a wide variety of corporate office, retail and hospitality and industrial projects since its inception in 2001. Our staff have specific knowledge and experience in the best way to deliver projects depending on the industry sector and the project’s type.

All the projects Merx has undertaken have been delivered on time and on budget and Merx has secured repeat business with all our clients.

The Merx strategy is to always give each project and each client the specific attention the project requires, ensuring its success.

The earlier Merx is appointed in the project lifecycle, the more benefit the Merx team can provide to a client by initiating proven project management tools, systems and market analysis. Merx will assist the client in setting the primary project objectives. These will most often relate to design brief, speed of delivery, quality requirements, costs & budget and intangible or “soft” factors relating to employees well-being and change management.

Merx add the most benefit to a client’s project through our direct appointment. This creates a direct and unbiased link with the client to represent the client’s best interests in the project at every juncture.