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Puma Energy

UBC Tower, Yangon, Myanmar

Puma Energy is a mid and downstream oil company, a subsidiary of the commodity trading multinational, Trafigura Beheer BV. Its operations span 40 countries across five continents and encompass the supply, storage, refining, distribution, and retail of a range of petroleum products.

Merx was appointed as Project Manager, Designers and Procurement by providing an Integrated Project Solution for their office at UBC Tower, Myanmar. Working in conjunction with an internal team, PM, CM, Designer and Quantity Surveyor, Merx ensured that Puma Energy’s vision of an open workplace strategy, front house, breakout and meeting areas were brought to life whilst providing a modern look and maintaining quality through material selection.

Merx is pleased to announce that Puma Energy’s office have been designed to meet the client’s budget and completed within the tight project deadline.

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