Network technological company and industry leader Axis Communications has successfully launched its new Axis Regional Office in Singapore. This 11,484 sq. ft. project was spearheaded by Merx, a Savills company, seeing the formalisation of a co-living habitat with an emphasis on the seamless transition of work-from-home conditions back into the office.

This client success story showcases how Merx was able to successfully merge Swedish culture with local terrain, and provide our client with a world-class solution that met all their needs.

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A delicate blend of Swedish office culture complimenting local values

At the heart of Axis Communications is the desire to make a difference through shared ideas and achieving success built on partnership, trust, and mutual support. This brings Axis Communications’ desire to flourish their modern office culture of encouraging cohesiveness between their employess in their new regional office in Singapore.

As Merx understands the delicate balancing of bringing global team and company cultures to a local setting, such that it harmonises and makes it locally relevant, this results in the successful blend of a cohesive Swedish office culture that compliments Singaporean local values with Merx as the Project Manager for this project.

This is manifested through the design concept of the new Axis regional office and Axis Experience center with the physical conceptualisation of Axis Communications’ office culture of Cohabitation. It explores the idea of a place that brings people of diverse backgrounds with similar values together to become a family. In this way, the office functions as an extension of the home and allow for greater work-life balance and flexibility.

With “CoHabitat” as the theme, Axis’s new Singapore office espoused these strong themes of community and unity. In addition to that, Merx also gracefully merged the key design principles of Swedish-Scandinavian style with Singaporean and Asian elements.

Seamless merge of the Axis Office and Axis Experience Centre

The goal of building the new Axis Regional Office with the Axis Experience Centre is one that focuses on a catering of Axis products and services. The Axis Experience Center allows users to test Axis Communications’ network video, access control and audio solutions. This lets visitors and clients know their latest technologies, try out interactive demos and find out how to get the best out of Axis Communications’ network solutions.

A deliberate tribute to Singapore’s local designs

As the Project Manager, Merx was able to infuse local visual elements to the design of various rooms of the new regional office that melds well with the heart of Axis’ Swedish company values.

The Swedish Fika culture means making time for friends and colleagues through coffee and tea breaks, often spontaneous.

Noting how closely this mirrors the local Kopi culture, Axis Communications’ Fika area (café or play area) was strategically incorporated into the layout to fit small and large groups.

Staying adaptable to hybrid working trends

With a global shift of how the latest pandemic is being perceived, Axis Communications has taken a proactive stance in being able to adapt to the times.

According to the 2021 EY Work Reimagined Employer Survey, a majority of employees in the Southeast Asia region prefer a hybrid working style for their employees moving forward.

Axis Communications extensively integrated their office and company culture into the local terrain of Singapore via their new office with the goal of inviting a smooth and easy transition back into formal work conditions for those who may have gotten used to working from home trends.

To rise above the hybrid working era, Merx engaged in the design approach of providing all the necessary amenities and services that any employee of Axis Communications’ would need including:

Merx’s effective application of utilising space ties in nicely to the office culture and company concept that lies at the heart of Axis Communications, emphasising on forging stronger connection to the lives of employees and building tighter bonds of trust and mutual support.

“Thank you so much for the support during the process. All of you at Merx made a difference and I am grateful you kept us on track during the process and have ensured the end-result will wow our customers and staff when they visit our office….”
Boudewijn Pesch, Axis Communications Vice President (APAC)

A new journey to create a smarter and safer world

The successful completion of this project is a significant achievement for Merx as well as our client Axis Communications. With economic growth being suppressed and more monitored markets adapting to a lifestyle with COVID-19, the research and development (R&D) techonological pipeline is rapidly expanding across the Asia and Pacific regions.

With the new Axis Regional Office beginning operations in Singapore, this provides an opportunity to broaden horizons not only for Axis Communications but also in the Asia and Pacific region.

The team at Merx is grateful for the confidence that Axis Communications has placed in us, and we look forward to a flourishing partnership and value-added efforts in the future.

Photo Credit: Sennex Consultants / Kelvin Cuff Photography

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