Singtel is a multinational telecommunications corporation headquartered in Singapore that provides wireless, fixed-line and network communication services to customers in Singapore, the Asia Pacific region, and globally. Established in 1928 as a public limited company, Singtel provides its services to over half a billion customers globally.

Merx has been working closely with Singtel for many years and we are proud that they continue to trust our Project Management team for their office projects.

Singtel’s new office levels were fitted out by Merx’s project management team during 2020, with the uncertain pandemic conditions as a backdrop. The Merx Project Management Team was responsible for making sure that the project ran smoothly and with minimal interruptions.

This new space embodies innovation and progressiveness through meticulous attention to detail and a holistic approach from conceptualisation all the way through installation. The interiors adopt a clean and minimalistic design with bright colours that stimulate the senses. The modern yet innovative style fits in with Singtel’s innovative brand image.

The concept of collective workspaces, which promote interaction amongst their employees, also brings a sense of familiarity to their new office environment where most have worked together for many years. This innovative space encourages collaboration and fosters communication within the team.

Holistic designs create an environment of community across departments

The new office levels provide appropriate workspaces for different teams whilst maintaining synergy amongst them. It is also well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. These new workspaces can be converted into new meeting rooms according to the staff’s needs, thereby optimising the use of space.

New pantries featured ample seating and amenities for employees to dine and convene within the office.

Singtel new offices are furnished with a diverse range of seating arrangements to facilitate meaningful face-to-face interaction between colleagues. The new office levels were created for a more holistic and sustainable environment, where employees can work, collaborate, and create exceptional customer experiences together.

With wellness a focus, we fully fitted out a gym with weights, treadmills, and equipment for various workouts, accompanied by ample shower facilities.

This is part of the overall Workplace Wellness Strategy for employees.

A lean & agile workspace is the ‘new normal’

The leanness of the workspace is characterised by an open, flexible layout. It can be easily reconfigured into different spaces to continue working uninterrupted in the face of evolving changes in work style and needs.

A lean workplace promotes rapid response and adaptability to changing business conditions. The lean and agile workspace provides employees with the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere on any device at any time in a cost-effective manner. It also promotes collaboration and communication as lean workspaces will be shared by multiple employees. Merx’s lean workspace design is based on Singtel’s business requirements, technology infrastructure, and existing space provision.

Singtel’s office expansion

Creating a technology-enabled environment while having a lean workspace

‘New normal’ workspaces demand an agile, technology-enabled environment that enables work uninterrupted. The lean workspace concept aims to minimize the area occupied per employee for maximum usage of space while maximizing the number of employees within a given space. Providing a workspace that is lean and modular with the appropriate technology and solutions will help our clients evolve with volatile times.

Depending on the changing needs of the workforce, modular furniture can be reconfigured in multiple ways to create many new spaces and a flexible physical environment. Modular office furniture helps companies optimise their existing premises.

New workplace design is an integral part of business transformation and innovation. A modular design supports businesses through rapid change as these systems are adaptable and reconfigurable to meet business needs. They promote optimal use of space, employee efficiency, and productivity.

Space planning should be flexible so that individual workspaces can be easily combined or moved to a different area within the workplace as needed. Desk arrangements and even entire rooms can easily and quickly be rearranged for safety or strategic purposes. A modular workspace can help businesses achieve the following:

1. Agile Working
Flexibility to support different work styles and layouts.

2. Space Optimisation
Minimise the amount of furniture per person for optimal use of space.

3. Workplace Satisfaction
Improve staff satisfaction by providing a modular workspace that can be reconfigured as needed.

Individual phone and work booths allow for private conversations and teleconferencing within an open office environment. Even smaller meeting rooms are innovatively fitted with communication solutions and large screens that match today’s changing nature of work.

A workspace is a place to work. It should be innovative, diverse and progressive – the workspaces of today must have a work arrangement that efficiently meets changing needs and requirements brought by new technology. Innovative solutions ensure worker productivity and efficiency.

Walkways are fitted with storage solutions and individual lockers that increase accessibility while maximising real estate.

Merx - Singtel (36)
Merx - Singtel (7)

With agile planning, once underutilised spaces can be transformed into functional spaces. The roof terrace is now a perfect setting for formal and informal activities.

Singtel’s newly fitted space is bright, modern, and innovative. Allowing the team to tap new potential and continue to deliver industry-leading work. Merx is proud to help design, plan and implement this new state-of-the-art office space. We look forward to journeying together with Singtel in their next phase of growth.

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