Merx, A Savills Company, is glad to successfully manage and deliver a transformative workplace project for our client MSCI across Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing – three strategic cities across China.

The backdrop of dynamic challenges unique to each of the three strategic locations was further compounded by varying phases of the pandemic. From logistical hurdles, regulatory complexities, workforce constraints, and supply chain disruptions, to health and safety concerns, each locale brought forth distinctive obstacles.

In all three projects, Merx’s Senior Project Manager, Kiwi Wong, served as the primary project interface, collaborating closely with Studio FORI, MSCI’s global designer led by Fauzia Khanani.

The Merx Advantage

In working with Merx, the client was able to harness Merx’s global proficiency alongside local insights from representatives in China. Thus the project perspective became more comprehensive, with fewer blind spots. Additionally, the consistent presence of the same Project Manager across projects enabled a thorough grasp of their needs and ensured uniformity in project execution.

Merx’s commitment to tailored solutions and proactive measures enabled us to surmount challenges through every phase, ensuring project continuity and delivering consistent excellence across all three locations. The synchronisation between clients, project managers, designers, contractors, and stakeholders was gracefully orchestrated.

Hong Kong Office: Pioneering the “Future of Work” Concept

MSCI’s global design team envisioned a workspace transformation aligned with the ‘Future of Work’ concept, aimed at modern hybrid work environments that enhance client and employee interactions while empowering employees to reach peak performance levels.

The Hong Kong office was a pilot for the concept. Departing from conventional fixed workstations, the focus was on cultivating an agile workplace and fostering collaborative spaces. Collaborating closely with the client’s global designer was crucial to steering the project towards success.

In the face of pandemic-induced shipment hurdles, Merx’s strategic negotiations and meticulous coordination ensured on-time delivery. Overcoming these obstacles in furniture delivery showcased our team’s resilience, ensuring project timelines remained unscathed.

Extending Success to Shanghai: Adapting Amidst Pandemic Challenges

Building on the new Hong Kong workplace’s triumph, MSCI entrusted Merx to replicate the “Future of Work” concept in the Shanghai property. Owing to the client’s limited network in Shanghai, Merx was also tasked with appointing a cost-effective, high-quality contractor.

Amid pandemic uncertainties, MSCI relied on our team to safeguard the timeline. When Shanghai’s lockdown posed a two-month construction delay, Merx’s diligent efforts ensured a continuous construction momentum, overcoming the hurdles of restricted operations and adhering to the project schedule.

Culminating Success in Beijing: Elevated Workspace Paradigms

The MSCI Beijing office fitout encompassed two critical stages.

Stage 1: to return the unit to the landlord on time
Stage 2: timely delivery of the new main office

One key highlight was the excellently managed project schedule. By accelerating the program by 6 weeks, the Merx team not only met the client’s request for an earlier completion date but also ensured a seamless transition without compromising on quality.

The feedback from both our client and internal teams has been overwhelmingly positive. The enhanced flexibility of the office space was made possible through thoughtful design and execution. Work teams now enjoy a workspace that adapts to their diverse needs, enabling them to collaborate, innovate, and excel.

The Merx team extends our congratulations to the MSCI team. We are confident these forward-thinking workspaces will serve the client’s team well in sustaining growth and regional successes. The success of this project underscores Merx’s strength in delivering projects across complexities.

As part of the Savills network, Merx proudly continues our legacy of crafting excellence, ensuring top-tier projects throughout the ever-evolving Asia Pacific realm.

For information on the services that Merx provides or to discuss your office requirements please contact:


William Forwood

Managing Director APAC

Paul Scroggie

Regional Managing Director
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