Merx is proud to work with Macsteel in delivering their new Hong Kong office with our “growing leaning” directive.

What is Growing Lean?

Conventionally, as the business expands, its real estate footprint has to be expanded to accommodate its growth. However, every additional square feet represents a significant cost to the business, especially in Hong Kong.

Growing Lean is Merx’s approach to this problem. Our clients are able to increase their office capacity and functionalities while reducing office floor area. In short – growing while ‘shrinking’.

Growing Lean in action

Creating an uplifting space

In this case, the focus is not just about space planning but also means making better use of existing resources. One of the main reasons Merx was appointed is because of our Growing Lean methodology. The philosophy and the office design are in line with their Growing lean goals: efficiency, productivity and effectiveness. The use of glass walls allows natural light to further enhance the open-plan office environment.

Using clever design, the floor space was reduced by 50% but feels more generous. This space design delivered more spaces for collaborative work.

Additional spaces were created including meeting rooms, structured reception and waiting area, and staff gathering space. Bathrooms and kitchenette areas are located centrally with additional staff break-out areas. There are also glass-enclosed meeting rooms, open plan workspaces, and additional storage in the lobby area for a more productive and collaborative office environment. The additional spaces were also cleverly designed to give the illusion of additional floor space.

Merx’s Growing Lean methodology leverages clever space planning to deliver more with existing resources.

Creating new key features

Encouraging inter-departmental interactions

Capitalising on MerxWorks (full delivery service), we delivered many new key features with minimal MEP adjustments to minimise cost. The office consists of a green-wall, acoustically enhanced meeting rooms and private offices, and an industrial look-and-feel to align with their company brand.

Passers-by can only see what’s going on from behind the clear glass partitions – no more worrying about confidential meetings being ‘overheard’ at the next desk.

The results:

Initial area space:

8,000 sqft

Eventual area space:

4,000 sqft

  • An inspiring space delivered cost-effectively that ensures OPEX savings for years to come.
  • • Floor space was reduced by 50% while maintaining headcount and staff happiness

One key to a Growing Lean office design is space maximisation; creating an agile environment that suits today’s workforce, where mobile workers can create their own working spaces on the fly. A Growing Lean office design has a compact footprint and creates flexibility in the workspaces to cater to a range of shifts that may occur throughout the working week.

Whether they work in open-plan or closed offices, employees are encouraged to move around, taking advantage of the clustered standalone workstations. It is key for a Growing Lean design to allow employees to move around and work in an agile way, using key areas that best meet their needs at the time.

“We wanted to keep our qualified staff, reduce the rent, and create a better working environment for the team. Merx listened and delivered!”
- Peter Faulkner, Macsteel CEO

To learn more about Growing Lean for your organisation, read our 7 Steps Guide to Growing Lean article or contact the Merx team today.

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