Dyson, a big name within the industry of technology and research, has officially opened its new global headquarters located in St James Power Station, Singapore. Merx, a Savills company, is honoured to have contributed to this 148,000 sq ft heritage site, working tirelessly to accentuate Dyson’s technological revolution globally.

Highlighting technological modernity as a cornerstone for the coming years

Dyson’s new global headquarters at St James Power Station is a clear indication of the company’s dedication to research and development in technology and its growth plans. This state-of-the-art facility allows Dyson to tap into Singapore’s vast pool of top talent in these fields, as well as provide a space for the company to collaborate with other like-minded organisations.

Merx recognises Dyson’s evident commitment to technology and innovation in its past and current successes. As the appointed project and construction manager in the delivery of this project, Merx resolved to put a spotlight on this integral history and vision.

Dyson’s new headquarters stands as a combination of the preservation of an architectural heritage being ushered into a new era

The St James Power Station was first built in 1927 to provide electricity for the growing city of Singapore. The power station was decommissioned in 1976 and remained inactive until it was given a new lease on life in 2012, when it underwent a major transformation to become the vibrant lifestyle destination that it is today.

Taking this into consideration, Dyson’s decision to move into the MapleTree restored power station is in line with the company’s major goals of reinvesting in people, equipment, and laboratories. The formal opening of the new headquarters is a clear reflection of Dyson’s continued commitment to these goals. Hence, Dyson’s new headquarters at St James Power Station stands as a combination of the preservation of an architectural heritage being ushered into a new era.

The interior features airy open workspaces and manifesting concepts of climate-friendly tech

Leveraging Merx’s strategic management expertise, this historic building has breathed new life with a complete transformation on the inside. The interior of Dyson’s new headquarters is a far cry from the traditional corporate office space. The decision to incorporate airy open workspaces is punctuated by greenery, with an abundance of natural light flooding in from the large windows allowing for a bright and refreshing environment that is conducive to creativity and collaboration.

Additionally, the design encompassed the decision to keep the steel beams of the original power plant that span the entire internal perimeter intact, preserving the atmospheric feel of the original power plant as a backdrop for Dyson’s up-and-coming technological modernity. The intention of this was driven towards protecting and enhancing the heritage elements.

Merx was the client representative project management company and was tasked to help to create a global headquarter that reflects the Dyson ethos of Different, Authentic, and Pioneering, while incorporating elements of an open space concept. The new spiral staircase and auditorium stand as key interventions added to complement the architecture of the building.

The tipping point of innovative R&D soaring into new heights in the Asia Pacific

The delivery of this project is a significant achievement for Merx and our client Dyson. Its success further consolidates our position as a leading project and construction management firm in Asia Pacific. Dyson’s new global headquarters at the St James Power Station also highlights the growing relevance of efforts aimed at technological research within the Southeast Asian region. This project is a valuable addition to our portfolio, and we are grateful for the trust Dyson has placed in us.

The Merx team would like to express our gratitude to Dyson and all those who have contributed to the success of this project. We look forward to continuing our partnership and adding value in the future.

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William Forwood

Managing Director APAC

Paul Scroggie

Regional Managing Director
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