Merx, A Savills Co., takes immense pride in delivering exceptional results in construction project management across Asia and the Asia Pacific region. We were particularly glad to be appointed by SEEK to project manage and fit out its new office in Bangkok. Credits to Orbit Design Studio as the interior designer for this project.

SEEK is a market leader in online employment marketplaces with a presence across Asia Pacific and Latin America. Merx’s project managers understood that a core goal of SEEK is elevating people’s productivity and fulfilment while building organisational success.

The project was the result of collaboration between the Hong Kong and Bangkok offices, with the Hong Kong office contributing expertise and a successful track record in delivering projects for SEEK in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Project management operated from Hong Kong, in parallel with construction management activities in Bangkok.

All Photo Credits: Orbit Design Studio

In this particular office transformation project, the vision set out to create a vibrant and functional office that could adapt to various needs and contexts seamlessly. The design aimed to infuse energy into the workspace environment, inspiring creativity and enhancing productivity.

The result was a versatile space that delighted the client and delivered on expectations.

Exceeding Key Client Expectations

One of the primary objectives of the project was a stringent timeline. It was critical that two weeks after the new office premises were fully operational, the existing premises were in handover condition to be returned to the landlord. With excellent stewardship over the entire program, Merx not only met but exceeded this deadline – delivering the project a week ahead of schedule.

The IT server room was one of the first moving pieces to be handed over to the client. This allowed the email server to begin its migration across to the new office. With an on-schedule delivery, the client’s IT team were able to take over and handle the migration smoothly.

The project initially commenced with budget constraints. Tapping on Merx’s expertise in value engineering and strategic budget adjustments turned the situation around. Beyond reining in costs within the budget, we also achieved a net credit back to the project.

A light and soothing colour palette was intentional in creating a warm ambience that allows one to feel at ease.

Comfortable lounge areas provide employees and guests with a welcoming setting for casual and professional conversations alike.

Brilliant use of movable furniture and wall partitions allows the space to be converted for events or other activities.

The placement of key furniture pieces creates pockets of space where small teams could huddle.

Meetings rooms are well equipped with smart technologies and orientations that facilitate teleconferencing for groups of varying sizes.

Merx Client Success - D2
Merx Client Success - D3

The open-concept desking arrangement is supported with privacy partitions that enable focused work.

All Photo Credits: Orbit Design Studio

Another Brilliant Project Handover

SEEK, expressed their delight with the project’s outcome. Merx’s ability to deliver ahead of schedule, while maintaining a harmonious balance between design and costing, left the client thoroughly satisfied.

Once again, we were glad to have our team’s dedication and expertise in construction and project management recognised and appreciated, reaffirming our position as the premier project management firm in the Asia Pacific.

With our unyielding commitment to quality, cost efficiency, and client satisfaction, Merx remains the trusted choice for construction project success in the Asia Pacific. Reach out to us today to explore how we can transform your next project into a remarkable success story.

For information on the services that Merx provides or to discuss your office requirements please contact:


William Forwood

Managing Director APAC

Paul Scroggie

Regional Managing Director
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