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A digital and print magazine targeting boardroom and hands-on decision-makers across varying industries across Asia, Merx is excited to have our brand refresh well featured by Asia Outlook.

In this coverage, Merx’s Group CEO, Will Forwood, extensively highlights the innovative steps the company is undertaking to continue delivering top-of-line projects for our customers throughout Asia.

“Updating the Merx brand was an important step in communicating our direction and focus going forward‘ This stems from building a deeper understanding of our client’s business, their challenges and opportunities, so as to provide a new level of service in the development of spaces that inspire people”

2 Key Highlights:

  • Modular construction that is being embraced by the company, is increasingly in demand by the hotel sector, where components or entire rooms can be constructed offsite.
  • Software innovation such as that demonstrated via the Merx Octagon, provides customers with transparency and live updates throughout the project lifecycle. These are once desired features that are turning into necessities.

For the full scoop, click into Asia Outlook’s Magazine article below:

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